Back Again . . .

Hi to anyone passing through :)

I feel it may be time to reactivate this blog, as there’s  so much happening out there in the World today (indeed, did it ever really slow down, was I too busy ?). I’ve edited the page down to just a few basic posts, and the rest? Well, that must  remain a mystery.

I realize that my perspectives are possibly worth less than the sandprints left by a puff-ball after a light breeze, but all I ask is that you read my words, hear what I may have to say, and add pieces to your knowledge base for perusal, or discard, as you feel inclined.

Just don’t stop thinking!

3 Things About Islam

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Talk’s Cheap


“Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

The hidden paranormal people

So here we are, and we’re all paranormal, and we’re living in a normal world.

If that isn’t a joke, if that isn’t a sickness, if that isn’t a conspiracy, what is?”

The hidden paranormal people.

Innocents Betrayed


Oh what a Bummer!


Man of the Year? Obama? Oh Bummer! Just whose side is Time Mag on anyway? This could almost be Treason if it wasn’t so blatantly ridiculous. Do you Yanks actually believe this stuff? Then you deserve all that’s coming to you.

I nearly spewed a mouthful of coffee over my keyboard when I paged onto this exciting breathtaking news this morning. I mean, let’s be real, surely no intelligent rational thinking person could be taken in by such unmitigated garbage about a Constitutional Terrorist and Muslim-in-denial who really deserves the Golden Plastic Bondi Cigar Award for obfuscation! But then after the dis-informative faux news reports about the last few massacres in your country, and the lies about the REAL fiscal cliff you unfortunate lemmings are very soon doomed to drop over, dragging the rest of the world with you, I guess the Editors of Time believe they can get away with anything. Unfortunately for Time, the only people stupid enough to absorb this claptrap are probably too illiterate to read the mag anyway.

I thank the Gods that I stopped reading Time Mag over 30 years ago! It’s not even any good for wiping away the Bondi Cigars  ;)

Oh dear, bo-oring; time to click the page and see what’s featuring on Disney land today . . . .

Hello world!

Welcome to my site, and thanks for visiting.

I’m cheech, and I’ve got an opinion on just about everything!

All politicians and bureaucrats are bare-faced liars, cowards,  and manipulators lacking in moral perspective, and any and all utterances from their lips must be filtered through a very fine sieve, dredging out hypocrisy and self-serving platitudes. An example of this is the Party System which demands allegiance to a private club before responsibility to the wishes and needs of the electorate.

Democracy is a lie, and by its very nature is self-destructive, as it allows psychopaths to manipulate and control the masses using their ignorance as a weapon against them. To quote/paraphrase Winston Churchill: “The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the man the street!”.

The biggest enemies of a progressive society are Consensus Reality and Political Correctness, euphemisms for blind obedience to a common paradigm, eg, all religions, which are state-sponsored, anti-progressive, intellectually limiting, and spiritually destructive, yet it’s not PC to criticize them on those terms. He-he-he . . . .

I hope you accept my viewpoint of the world, even though you may be intellectually opposed to it, just as I accept your right to present your own, on the same terms.


Creeping Sharia

Documenting the Islamization of America


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