3 Things About Islam

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Talk’s Cheap


“Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

The hidden paranormal people

So here we are, and we’re all paranormal, and we’re living in a normal world.

If that isn’t a joke, if that isn’t a sickness, if that isn’t a conspiracy, what is?”

The hidden paranormal people.

Innocents Betrayed


End of the Calendar?



Well folks, now that the brouhaha is all over for another whatever thousand years or aeons, I do  hope you’re all sitting down, ‘coz I’ve got some horrifyingly  BAD NEWS for all those breathing a sigh of relief who think that they may have survived a cosmic cataclysm.

Look very, very closely at my own ancient calendar shown above, and what do you see?

Surprise Surprise!! The Calendar ends on December 31, so we are now at D-Day minus 9, and counting . . .

Happy New Year!!

Dum de dum de dum dum . . . .

Language of the Angels


Calling all Musicians – check this one out:

AUM – The Song of the Cosmos

I have posted a comment, which at this time is awaiting moderation, but I’d like to share it with you here.


What a great article, and I hope this is read by anyone interested in music.

My link to the mystery and wonder of music (the language of the angels) is through the chord “Aminor”, which can have an extremely powerful physical and emotional effect on my whole being. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is an excellent example of a master of its usage (what does Stairway to Heaven mean to you?) amongst many others, certainly not excluding the best of the Classical Masters. Aminor is also an excellent sound mantra for meditation. There’s probably research on the significance of its vibratory rate, but just googling it you become boggled with data. Maybe one day I might follow through and publish an article, but way too busy just now, although I can get lost forever jamming in the Aminor Pentatonic scale.

AUM, to me, is the germinal sound. If you take a full complete yogic breath, then slowly expel the air through your vocal cords as you gently join your lips, the sound formed becomes A-U-M . . . try it, it’s spine-tingling!

Also, as a small child I would lie in my bed pre-sleep and imagine that I was observing the earth from a distance (hold a soccer ball in your outstretched palm) and listen to the emanating sound. I can’t hear it now after almost 60 years and much mental and emotional corruption, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was, guess what, “Aminor”!

Oh what a Bummer!


Man of the Year? Obama? Oh Bummer! Just whose side is Time Mag on anyway? This could almost be Treason if it wasn’t so blatantly ridiculous. Do you Yanks actually believe this stuff? Then you deserve all that’s coming to you.

I nearly spewed a mouthful of coffee over my keyboard when I paged onto this exciting breathtaking news this morning. I mean, let’s be real, surely no intelligent rational thinking person could be taken in by such unmitigated garbage about a Constitutional Terrorist and Muslim-in-denial who really deserves the Golden Plastic Bondi Cigar Award for obfuscation! But then after the dis-informative faux news reports about the last few massacres in your country, and the lies about the REAL fiscal cliff you unfortunate lemmings are very soon doomed to drop over, dragging the rest of the world with you, I guess the Editors of Time believe they can get away with anything. Unfortunately for Time, the only people stupid enough to absorb this claptrap are probably too illiterate to read the mag anyway.

I thank the Gods that I stopped reading Time Mag over 30 years ago! It’s not even any good for wiping away the Bondi Cigars  ;)

Oh dear, bo-oring; time to click the page and see what’s featuring on Disney land today . . . .

Creeping Sharia

Documenting the Islamization of America


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